Below you will find my analysis of 5 outdoor ads used to promote their product, service, or message. I have enjoyed the creativity of all of the ads I have come across myself and that my peers have shared on their blogs. I feel as though pictures, structures, and interactive ads have the potential to be much more effective than TV or radio ads as they require the viewer to stop, think and process the message being portrayed by the advertising company. Making a viewer actively use their brain most likely means that the message at hand will at least temporarily own some real estate in the mind of the viewer. 


“Dash and Burn” (Netflix – Narcos)

Description: This ad campaign features various forms of creative advertisement in order to promote the Netflix series “Narcos.” The series premiered in 2015 and wrapped up in 2017. One of the ads takes up the space on the side of a bus stop. It is a thin glass case filled with stacks of fake currency. The message on the glass reads “Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar once burned $2,000,000 to keep his family warm.” The glass looks like it has been broken in to and the fake money looks like it has been slightly burned just to provide more theatrics to the ad.

A second ad used in this campaign involved the bottom of security trays in airports where travelers would place their personal items to be scanned. The ads portrayed the items that Pablo Escobar would have been traveling with as well as the items an FBI agent would be traveling with while pursuing the arrest of Pablo Escobar.

Objectives: Both ads intend to let the audience know that all episodes of Narcos can be streamed on Netflix. They also utilize some eye catching and intriguing works of art to give the viewers an idea of what to expect from the show. The goal is to make viewers curious as to what is going on and to almost make them feel they are a part of the show for a split second. The ads are strategically placed in areas where people are traveling (bus and plane) and may be looking for something to pass the time during their trip.

Target Market: Young adults and adults who may be looking for their next TV show to binge watch or looking for something to help them pass their time when traveling. It is especially geared towards those who enjoy violent filled, drug related drama series.

Desired Actions: Log-in or subscribe to Netflix and watch the original series, Narcos.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of watching this show is that you will be entertained and educated on stories surrounding drug kingpins during the 80s. Also, every show can be streamed on Netflix so you can watch the entire series with no interruptions.


“Delicious Going Down” (Maker’s Mark)

Description: This is a large 3D model of a Marker’s Mark bottle placed above the street level entrance to a local metro system. The bottle is tilted and pouring bourbon down towards the metro. The tagline of the ad reads “Delicious going down.”

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to let viewers know that Maker’s Mark is a smooth tasting bourbon whiskey that they need to try. It also uses some humor by combining their primary message with the analogy of people taking the escalator down to the metro.

Target Market: Adults 21 years and older who enjoy drinking bourbon.

Desired Actions: Go buy Maker’s Mark because it is delicious and smooth tasting.

Value Proposition: This bourbon is enjoyable and won’t burn as back as bad as other brands of bourbon.


(Nationwide Insurance)

Description: At first glance, this appears to be a paint ad as there are pictures of paint buckets on the side of the building. One of the lime green paint buckets is on its side and spilling paint down the side of the building and into the parking lot. The paint even covers a few cars in the lot. Off to the right side of the ad is the Nationwide Insurance logo along with their tagline “life comes at you fast.” The combination of humor and disaster provokes an emotional response on multiple levels.

Objectives: Catch the attention of viewers or those passing by and let them know that accidents happen that are out of your control. Therefore, having insurance can be beneficial and help make a stressful situation a little more bearable.

Target Market: Anyone that owns property (car, home, business, etc.) that could/should be insured.

Desired Actions: Visit and learn more about everything they have to offer including insurance for those times that “life comes at you fast.”

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that Nationwide will be there for you during extreme circumstances such as the one depicted in the ad. Many things in this life happen that we cannot control. Having insurance will make those stressful situations less stressful.


(Formula Toothpaste)

Description: There is a gentleman on a white billboard who is actively pulling the advertisement off of the metal framing with his teeth. In the bottom left corner is a tune of Formula toothpaste and below it reads “builds strong teeth.” This ad also uses humor to catch the attention of the viewer.

Objectives: Show the viewers that Formula toothpaste makes your teeth strong and healthy. It is a refreshing and atypical toothpaste message as most toothpaste ads highlight the pretty smile with pearl white teeth.

Target Market: This ad takes a different approach and caters more to those who don’t care as much about the whiteness of their teeth but more so about the health and strength of their teeth. This is more likely to be directed towards the male consumer, but really it is aimed at anyone who brushes their teeth (which is hopefully everyone).

Desired Actions: Buy Formula toothpaste.

Value Proposition: Formula toothpaste will make your teeth healthy and strong. Strong enough to rip through metal as the ad illustrates.



Description: This is an ad for a rest stop restaurant in Austria. It surrounds the entrance to a tunnel on the highway so that viewers quite literally drive through the ad. It is a woman’s face with her mouth open like she is about to eat something. The open mouth serves as the tunnel entrance and the ad reads “all you can eat rest stop.”

Objectives: Let drivers know that Oldtimer has everything they need while on their journey to their destination. It uses humor, a massive face, and a strategically placed ad to make it impossible for drivers to miss unless they were driving with their eyes closed.

Target Market: Anyone driving on the highway who may need to stop for a snack or meal.

Desired Actions: Stop at Oldtimer and satisfy your hunger while on your trip.

Value Proposition: Oldtimer is an all you can eat rest stop made to help you satisfy your hunger while on the road.

Below you will find an analysis of 5 Magazine print ads that caught my attention. 


Title: Weight Watchers

Description: An extra-large frame door titled “Entrance” next to an extra-slim framed door titled “Exit” with the Weight Watchers logo on the wall in between the doors. This ad targets the emotions of those looking to lose weight by promising results.

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to show viewers that Weight Watchers is confident in their abilities to provide weight-loss results to their clients. The simple thought provoking picture gives viewers hope for turning their life around.

Target Market: Anyone looking to lose weight and become healthier.

Desired Actions: Look up or inquire more about what Weight Watchers has to offer to those looking to lose weight.

Value Proposition: The illustration shows the confidence Weight Waters has in helping its clients achieve results.



Title: Orion Telescopes

Description: The ad shows three snapshots through the lens of an Orion telescope. The first is of the moon. The second is a clear, zoomed in view of an American flag on the moon. The third is an even more zoomed in and still clear view of the stars and stripes of the American flag on the moon. Orion is an American company who prides themselves on having quality products for an affordable price. The use of the American flag certainly gets the patriotic emotions flowing.

Objectives: The objective is to show the viewer how powerful and clear their telescopes are.

Target Market: Anyone interested in astronomy or using telescopes or similar type products. They offer other products such as binoculars for activities such as birdwatching.

Desired Actions: Buy Orion products, specifically a telescope.

Value Proposition: Orion provides high quality optics with all of its products.


Title: Liking Isn’t Helping: Be a Volunteer

Description: This is an ad by Crisis Relief Singapore. This specific ad shows a child with an amputated leg lying in a bed. Surrounding the bed is a group of people and all you can see of them is their hand giving a thumbs up to represent a “like” on Facebook. In the bottom right of the photo you see the Crisis Relief Singapore logo, their website and a statement that reads “Be a volunteer. Change a life.”

Objectives: It is part of a campaign to illustrate that simply liking a page or post on social media is not actually helping. It is encouraging viewers to volunteer to help a cause and not simply “like” a photo for their own peace of mind.

Target Market: I think the ad targets two groups of people. I think it will remind those who already volunteer to continue to do so as their help makes a difference. I think it also targets people who have never volunteered by making them feel somewhat guilty for always just “liking” posts.

Desired Actions: Visit the website and sign up to be a volunteer.

Value Proposition: By volunteering, you can help change the lives of those in less fortunate situations and make a difference in the world.


Title: Omax: Wide Angled Lenses

Description: A man is taking a photo of some birds by a pong. Just off to his side are two young, pretty women laying on a blanket. In the bottom right corner, you have the Omax logo and the words “Wide Angle Lenses.”

Objectives: This ad is part of a series of photos using humor and gender stereotyping to promote the benefits of a wide angled lens. It insinuates that the wide lenses cover angles so great that people around you wouldn’t suspect that they would be in your frame.

Target Market: Anyone interested in photography.

Desired Actions: Enhance your photography and buy wide angle lenses for your camera.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that Omax’s wide lenses will capture more of your environment than traditional lenses.


Title: WE

Description: The simple light-beige background color is aesthetically pleasing and allows the black lettering to pop. In the center of the ad you see the word ME in caps and large font. The large letters definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The M is boxed in with dotted lines and a small set of scissors indicating to cut along the line. Below the large letters is a short list of how to build a lasting relationship. The list is a set of instructions saying to cut along the dotted lines and rotate the letter M 180 degrees. At the bottom of the ad is a statement that reads “If you want a stronger marriage, work on it together.” The website is also listed.

Objectives: Show the viewers that a successful marriage requires both partners to be working with one another to make a strong bond. It offers assistance to anyone who feels that they need assistance with their marriage.

Target Market: Anyone struggling with a marriage who is looking to make it stronger and needs some guidance.

Desired Actions: Stop being selfish. Work with your partner to create a stronger relationship. If you need guidance, visit

Value Proposition: cares about helping people build stronger relationships with their partners and has various methods for doing so.

5 Newsprint Ads

Description: This 2018 KFC print ad was created in response to a chicken shortage the company was experiencing at the time. It is a simple KFC chicken bucket without any chicken on it. However, the three-letter acronym is rearranged to spell out FCK, a humorous pun on the curse work f*ck.

Objectives: Use humor in order to announce and apologize for why some KFC locations have had to temporarily close.

Target Market: Anyone who is a fan of KFC, fried chicken, or fast food who may have been inconvenienced by the unexpected closures.

Desired Actions: To hopefully lighten the mood of potentially angry customers during a time of crisis for the brand so that they will forgive, forget and return when the problem gets resolved. I believe that the clever use of humor here was most likely successful in achieving the main goal of apologizing.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of this ad shows that KFC is working tirelessly to resolve the problem so that they can get back to satisfying their customers. It also shows that even in the toughest of situations, they are able to stay positive and portray a sense of confidence that issues will be resolved quickly where other companies may have panicked.


 Description: This is an ad from The Economist, an international weekly newspaper/magazine that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology for those interested in keeping up with and learning more about the business world. The ad simply reads “To err is human. To er, um, ah is unacceptable.”

Objectives: The humorous phrase is meant to catch the attention of the viewer and send the message that reading The Economist will help the reader improve his business skills. I especially liked it as I feel it really applies to entrepreneurs. The message I interpret from the phrase is that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them, but it is not acceptable to always be unprepared and not be learning. Don’t get caught um-ing and ah-ing when you need to be knowledgeable and confident in order to achieve success in the business world.

Target Market: Anyone interested in keeping up with or learning more about what is going on in the business world.

Desired Actions: Purchase and read The Economist. It could be a one-time purchase of a specific edition, or it could be a subscription. The ad doesn’t specify.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that The Economist is an intellectual source of information for the business consumer. The simple, humorous and intellectual phrase illustrates this. If you are not reading The Economist, then you are falling behind.


Description: A simple yet effective ad from the Cancer Patients AID Association that reads “cancer cures smoking.”

Objectives: The objective of this ad is to scare smokers by explaining that smoking can lead to cancer. The pun here is that cancer cures smoking because smokers will more than likely either end up in a hospital where they can’t smoke or end up dead where they also can’t smoke.

Target Market: Anyone who actively smokes.

Desired Actions: Stop smoking and potentially avoid getting cancer as a result of smoking.

Value Proposition: This ad is direct and to the point. It brings attention to the fact that smoking is not a healthy habit and that in many cases it leads to some form of cancer.


Description: This ad is from ActionAid, a non-governmental organization whose primary mission is to work against poverty and injustice worldwide. It is a federation of 45 country offices with headquarters located in South Africa. It is part of a 2005 campaign in response to the 1999 cyclone that hit the state of Orissa, India leaving more than 1.6 million people homeless and without much food source.

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to shed light on the continued struggles faced in Orissa even years after the cyclone and to ask for financial support for these suffering people. People are still homeless, starving, and dying as a result of the natural disaster.

Target Market: Anyone willing to make contributions to the disaster relief led by ActionAid.

Desired Actions: Mail contributions to the specified address in the ad.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that all contributions are exempt under the Income Tax Act.


Description: The ad is a part of a campaign celebrating 60 years of the VW Van. It shows a picture of a vintage VW van with a caption and description below. The caption reads “It belonged to a Trotskyist, a Maoist, a Democrat and a Republican without ever changing owners.” The description goes on to provide more examples of people and things that have changed over the past 60 years. 

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to show that while most things have changed over the last 60 years, including people and their beliefs, the van has not changed and is still it’s old reliable self.

Target Market: Any VW fan, specifically those who have or had a VW van.

Desired Actions: Entice the viewer to buy a VW as they have stayed true to who they are over the years.

Value Proposition: Other than a few many updates, the VW van has not changed or needed to change over the last 60 years. This is meant to show the reliability and durability of the vehicle. VW clearly has confidence in its product if it is promoting a vehicle that hasn’t needed changes in 60 years.

5 TV Ads

“Stop Big Tobacco #1” (California Department of Public Health)

Description: This commercial is in Chinese with English subtitles which I believe is a strategy to catch the attention of the viewer. However, it could also immediately turn some peoples’ attention away. My eyes always get drawn to subtitles to the point where I don’t pay as much attention to the visuals on the screen. In this case, the visuals weren’t as important as the message in the text, so I believe it was effective. The main message was about how smoking tobacco kills more people than some of the most dangerous and feared animals out there.

Objectives: Make the viewers aware of the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

Target Market: Anyone old enough to purchase and/or smoke tobacco, specifically cigarettes.

Desired Actions: Scare people away from purchasing cigarettes. Their ending tagline was “Stop Big Tobacco from preying on you.”

Value Proposition: The ad compares smoking cigarettes to being killed by predators such as Black Widow spiders and the African Black Mamba. In fact, it states that tobacco is more lethal than both by claiming it takes a life every 6.5 seconds. So the ultimate goal is to push customers away from the described product.


“Westworld: The Maze” (HBO)

Description: This ad is by HBO to promote a voice game, The Maze, around their show Westworld in order to keep fans talking about the show even when it wasn’t being aired. The ad also promotes Amazon’s Alexa as it is the device needed to play the voice game. For those that aren’t familiar, Westworld is a futuristic theme park where people can go to live out realistic-feeling fantasies. Participants in the show can live out a multiple of different scenarios involving all of the same characters based on their chosen actions. The ad shows clips from the show and explains how consumers can use Alexa to navigate Westworld using only their voice.

Objectives: The primary objective is to keep fans entertained and talking about the show even when it isn’t being aired.

Target Market: Fans of Westworld as well as fans of games, mazes/puzzles, and technology.

Desired Actions: Purchase an Alexa and the voice game, The Maze are the primary desired actions. Then play the game and experience all of the different paths you can take through The Maze.

Value Proposition: The ad states that the game consists of 36 voice actors, 11,000 lines of script, 60 player generated paths, 32 ways to die, 2 hours of unique gameplay and is the most immersive voice game to date. Over 10,000 fans played the game within the first week of being released.


“Share for Good” (Anheuser Busch/Estrella Jalisco)

Description: This ad promotes Estrella Jalisco, a Mexican pilsner beer, by highlighting a social issue regarding misconceptions about the Mexican community. It shows how bitter our world can be with misconceptions about certain races and ethnicities. For example, the top Google suggested results when searching “Mexicans are” would consist of degrading terms such as rapists, lazy, drug dealers, etc. Estrella Jalisco teamed up with inspiring Mexican artists to change that narrative by sharing positive information about Mexicans throughout social media and the internet. The objective of the project was to “drown out the bitterness” in the world by sharing positive things.  

Objectives: To bring awareness to the negative misconceptions surrounding Mexicans and all various ethnic groups for that matter and to sell beer. “To change what we see, we have to change what we share.” That was the motto and objective of the project initiated by Estrella Jalisco and a group of Mexican artists.

Target Market: Beer drinkers and anyone who wants to support positivity and equality across all races and ethnicities.

Desired Actions: Be kind, share positivity, and make a difference in the world. Help “drown out the bitterness” so that we can have a less bitter world.  

Value Proposition: The commercial ends with the narrator stating, “If you want a less bitter world, share for good. If you want a less bitter beer, look for the star.” Estrella Jalisco’s logo is a six-pointed star. That pretty much sums up the value proposition of the beer by claiming it is less bitter than others. The ad also helps to associate drinking Estrella Jalisco with supporting a less bitter world.


“I Will What I Want” (Under Armor)

Description: This ad aired in 2015 as Under Armor looked to increase brand awareness amongst females. The ad features professional ballerina, Misty Copeland, performing a routine wearing Under Armor branded active wear. There is a voice over saying negative things like “you have the wrong body for ballet” that would deter most people from even giving the sport a try. The ad ends with the phase “I Will What I Want” as it is clear Misty has proved her doubters wrong and achieved the success she desired.

Objectives: Inspire women to pursue their dreams and to create an emotional connection between their brand and the female population. Show viewers that “Will trumps Fate.”

Target Market: Women who are active and/or like to wear women’s active wear.

Desired Actions: Support the brand that supports you. Under Armor supports women in pursuit of their dreams by taking a stand and proclaiming that women can achieve anything they want if they will themselves to push past the naysayers. In return, they hope to increase sales amongst the female population.

Value Proposition: The is no specifically stated value proposition other than the insinuation that Under Armor is in full support of females willing themselves to desired outcomes. They developed an entire campaign dedicated to celebrating the female athlete.


“Reinvent Mindsets – Dads” (HP Inc.)

Description: The ad cycles through a handful of father-daughter pairs reading through generic interview tips for women that illustrate unconscious bias towards women in the workplace. It is a powerful ad as some of the tips really make you think about how some people view and treat women. HP Inc. clearly does not support these unconscious biased tips as the ad ends with the HP Chief Diversity Officer stating that they train all hiring managers to reduce unconscious bias.

Objectives: The first objective is to bring attention to unconscious bias that exists during the interview process specifically for women. The second is to announce that HP is hiring and that they hire for talent, nothing else.

Target Market: Anyone looking for a job at HP. This specific ad seems to be targeting women by making them feel safe and equal when it comes to interviewing with their company.

Desired Actions: The primary desired action is for talented individuals to apply for jobs at HP. I also believe that the strong, supportive message will attract consumers to buy HP products going forward.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of this ad is that HP is a progressive company that treats all interviewees and employees equally as they are in search of the most talented candidates. They don’t want to lose out on talented prospects due to unconscious bias, therefore they train hiring managers to reduce the chances of this happening. This message is sure to encourage talented individuals, especially females, to feel comfortable applying for jobs at HP.

Over the next few weeks, I will be making some posts regarding various marketing campaigns. This week we dive into some of the most popular and successful radio ads over the last decade and a half.


5 Radio Ads

Motel 6: “DVD”

  1. This Motel 6 radio ad used humor to draw their listeners in. The actor/voice is essentially making fun of himself and critiquing a previously recorded ad. The overlap of audio definitely catches a listener’s attention.
  2. The objective of this ad is to get you curious about Motel 6 and to let listeners know that they will “leave the light on for you.” As a listener myself, I find comfort in that slogan as it insinuates that even if you are arriving late, you will feel safe and at home as you arrive.
  3. The target audience here would be any traveler needing a reliable and safe hotel to stay at while on the road. I think it really appeals to travelers who may be traveling alone and/or late at night as the message is friendly and the tag line is “we’ll leave the light on for you.”
  4. There is no direct action requested by the ad. However, it does state that it is the best place to go after a long day’s drive. So that would insinuate that the listener should find the closest Motel 6 as they get ready to call it a night on the road.
  5. The value proposition is you will get a clean comfortable room for the lowest price of any national chain.


Dos Equis – Heineken: “Coffee”

  1. This Dos Equis ad ropes the listener in with a catchy melody and a very attention grabby radio voice. It proceeds to describe a man who is capable of doing things that most others would not be able to do. These ridiculous claims really get the listener involved as it adds a sense of humor to the ad.
  2. The objective of the ad is to relate drinking Dos Equis beer to being “the most interesting man in the world” and ultimately sell more beer.
  3. Of course, this targets the ego or competitive side of a listener by enticing them to follow the lead of the most interesting man in the world. The tag line “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis” is also catchy and would most likely replay in someone’s head when seeing the XX while standing in front of the beer section contemplating on a drink of choice for the evening.
  4. The ad wants the listeners to drink Dos Equis if they are in the mood for a beer.
  5. The is no clearly stated value proposition other than the most interesting man in the world chooses to drink this beer.


Citibank: “Too Old”

  1. This ad is promoting a service for paying off student loans while you’re still young. The ad uses humor to describe people who are too old to still be paying off student loans. I found it comical and attention-grabbing. It also uses the well-known graduation theme song in the background.
  2. The objective is to notify listeners that when using a Citi card, they will receive ThankYou points that they can redeem and use towards paying off bills such as student loans.
  3. The target audience is young professionals who may still be paying off student loans or other loans for that matter. The Citi ThankYou points are earned by using applicable Citi cards and can be redeemed to pay off bills or purchase items such as plane tickets or hotel rooms.
  4. The ad wants the listeners to sign up for a Citibank card and utilize the ThankYou points program to earn points that can be redeemed to help them pay bills. It states that you can learn more at
  5. The ad doesn’t necessarily state how it is better or different from its competition, but it does use the following phrase to entice listeners to use their service and become debt free. “Pay off your student loans while you’re still young. Redeem your Citi thank you points to make payments towards your loans and watch your debt disappear.”


Old Spice: “Momsong”

  1. This ad is promoting the Old Spice deodorant spray for boys/men. It uses a song with comical lyrics of a mom singing about her son who is now using Old Spice body spray and being treated like a man by women.
  2. The objective is to sell Old Spice body spray to young men. The lyrics of the song talk about boys becoming men and getting more attention from girls because they used Old Spice body spray.
  3. The target audience is young men getting to the stage of needing/wanting to use body spray to improve their scent.
  4. The ad wants the listeners to buy and use Old Spice body spray. Users will benefit by smelling good, attracting potential mates, and becoming men.
  5. The value proposition is that boys will become men with the use of Old Spice body spray. Women will begin to take notice to those that use it.


This American Life: “Keep Stories Going”

  1. This ad has an attention-grabbing eerie tune with the voice of a podcast host telling a compelling clip from a murder story to draw the listener in.
  2. The objective of the ad is to raise money for This American Life to continue to produce high quality stories for people to listen to.
  3. The target audience is anyone who enjoys listening to stories, specifically podcasts. It uses a clip from a murder story to really rope in the target audience.
  4. The ad wants the listener to donate to This American Life so that they can continue to provide high quality story telling. The listener will benefit from good stories and podcasts going forward if they support the company.
  5. The value proposition is that with more donations, This American Life can continue to provide high quality stories for listeners to entertain themselves with. These will help listeners pass the time when driving, traveling, or looking for something fun to fill up some free time.