Below you will find an analysis of 5 Magazine print ads that caught my attention. 


Title: Weight Watchers

Description: An extra-large frame door titled “Entrance” next to an extra-slim framed door titled “Exit” with the Weight Watchers logo on the wall in between the doors. This ad targets the emotions of those looking to lose weight by promising results.

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to show viewers that Weight Watchers is confident in their abilities to provide weight-loss results to their clients. The simple thought provoking picture gives viewers hope for turning their life around.

Target Market: Anyone looking to lose weight and become healthier.

Desired Actions: Look up or inquire more about what Weight Watchers has to offer to those looking to lose weight.

Value Proposition: The illustration shows the confidence Weight Waters has in helping its clients achieve results.



Title: Orion Telescopes

Description: The ad shows three snapshots through the lens of an Orion telescope. The first is of the moon. The second is a clear, zoomed in view of an American flag on the moon. The third is an even more zoomed in and still clear view of the stars and stripes of the American flag on the moon. Orion is an American company who prides themselves on having quality products for an affordable price. The use of the American flag certainly gets the patriotic emotions flowing.

Objectives: The objective is to show the viewer how powerful and clear their telescopes are.

Target Market: Anyone interested in astronomy or using telescopes or similar type products. They offer other products such as binoculars for activities such as birdwatching.

Desired Actions: Buy Orion products, specifically a telescope.

Value Proposition: Orion provides high quality optics with all of its products.


Title: Liking Isn’t Helping: Be a Volunteer

Description: This is an ad by Crisis Relief Singapore. This specific ad shows a child with an amputated leg lying in a bed. Surrounding the bed is a group of people and all you can see of them is their hand giving a thumbs up to represent a “like” on Facebook. In the bottom right of the photo you see the Crisis Relief Singapore logo, their website and a statement that reads “Be a volunteer. Change a life.”

Objectives: It is part of a campaign to illustrate that simply liking a page or post on social media is not actually helping. It is encouraging viewers to volunteer to help a cause and not simply “like” a photo for their own peace of mind.

Target Market: I think the ad targets two groups of people. I think it will remind those who already volunteer to continue to do so as their help makes a difference. I think it also targets people who have never volunteered by making them feel somewhat guilty for always just “liking” posts.

Desired Actions: Visit the website and sign up to be a volunteer.

Value Proposition: By volunteering, you can help change the lives of those in less fortunate situations and make a difference in the world.


Title: Omax: Wide Angled Lenses

Description: A man is taking a photo of some birds by a pong. Just off to his side are two young, pretty women laying on a blanket. In the bottom right corner, you have the Omax logo and the words “Wide Angle Lenses.”

Objectives: This ad is part of a series of photos using humor and gender stereotyping to promote the benefits of a wide angled lens. It insinuates that the wide lenses cover angles so great that people around you wouldn’t suspect that they would be in your frame.

Target Market: Anyone interested in photography.

Desired Actions: Enhance your photography and buy wide angle lenses for your camera.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that Omax’s wide lenses will capture more of your environment than traditional lenses.


Title: WE

Description: The simple light-beige background color is aesthetically pleasing and allows the black lettering to pop. In the center of the ad you see the word ME in caps and large font. The large letters definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The M is boxed in with dotted lines and a small set of scissors indicating to cut along the line. Below the large letters is a short list of how to build a lasting relationship. The list is a set of instructions saying to cut along the dotted lines and rotate the letter M 180 degrees. At the bottom of the ad is a statement that reads “If you want a stronger marriage, work on it together.” The website is also listed.

Objectives: Show the viewers that a successful marriage requires both partners to be working with one another to make a strong bond. It offers assistance to anyone who feels that they need assistance with their marriage.

Target Market: Anyone struggling with a marriage who is looking to make it stronger and needs some guidance.

Desired Actions: Stop being selfish. Work with your partner to create a stronger relationship. If you need guidance, visit

Value Proposition: cares about helping people build stronger relationships with their partners and has various methods for doing so.

9 thoughts on ““Greatest Marketing Campaigns” – Magazine Ads

  1. Zach,

    Good choices in your advertisements this week. The wide-angled lens advertisement is hilarious, but I also suppose a little creepy. That advertisement definitely makes you remember what the company is trying to sell. The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” really sums up magazine advertising. Good work this week!


  2. Hello Zach,

    You had some great choices this week for your magazine ads. My favorite was the “Liking Isn’t Helping: Be a Volunteer” Being a collegiate athlete I had to volunteer for a certain amount of hours for each semester. So personally I understand how much of an impact you can make volunteering and helping others out. I’m the kind of person who believes if you’re in the position to help others you should! Good analysis.

  3. Katherine Pearson says:

    Great choices this week. By far my favorite is the weight watchers just because that is funny. The liking isn’t helping is a great one. What a great reminder that there is so much work to be done and we all need to step it up and help. I really feel pictures can tell a bigger story than a commercial sometimes. Great job.

  4. Zach,

    I very much appreciate the variety of commercials you chose to analyze and analyses themselves. All of these advertisements feature some truly powerful imagery. The Liking Isn’t Helping ad really speaks volumes to the digital age and the illusion of the value of a like. “Liking” something may show that you support the cause, but is not actually actionable or doing anything to help the issue at hand. The photo illustrates something actionable as a symbol of what can be done to help a deteriorating marriage.

    Great work Zach!

    Brittany Marshall

  5. Zach,

    I love the depiction of the weight watchers and the size of the door increasing. This is real because I remember tour older homes and the entry ways being smaller or the ceiling being lower. Although, the picture is dramatic, the message is still true.


  6. Zach- I like how you displayed a cohort of emotional ads. They all elicit an emotional response from the viewer and in doing so, invoke a call to action. My favorite of yours was the Crisis relief singapore ad. I think it powerfully captures toxic volunteer culture and shows how lackluster effort, means nothing in the end. Nice job!

  7. Victoria Price says:


    I really enjoyed the Crisis Singapore ad analysis. It is especially meaningful in today’s world where sharing and liking a post is often seen as enough involvement when in reality it is nothing more than an acknowledgment of the problem and a blind eye turned to helping with a solution. I think the ad does a great job of covering this and hopefully encouraging more involvement from people in the future.


  8. Hey Zach,

    Great selection of magazine advertisements. The first one you selected for weight watchers made me think about your industry in health and fitness and the benefits of being in shape. There is a mix of emotional techniques in these ads, humor, sympathy, patriotism, and relationships. I enjoyed your analysis and looked forward to the following review.


    Stokes Warren

  9. Hey Zach,

    I really enjoyed reading over your magazine ad reviews. I thought the telescope ad was pretty clever. I doubt that anyone can actually see the flag from here, but nonetheless, it made me chuckle. Maybe one day their technology will be that good. I also think the image of the American flag is pretty appealing to American customers. I wonder how measurable that advertisement was or what magazines it featured in. They had to have chosen space and science magazines for their target markets. I liked your analysis and it really got me thinking.

    Keep up the blogging,

    Mary Kate

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