Below you will find my analysis of 5 outdoor ads used to promote their product, service, or message. I have enjoyed the creativity of all of the ads I have come across myself and that my peers have shared on their blogs. I feel as though pictures, structures, and interactive ads have the potential to be much more effective than TV or radio ads as they require the viewer to stop, think and process the message being portrayed by the advertising company. Making a viewer actively use their brain most likely means that the message at hand will at least temporarily own some real estate in the mind of the viewer. 


“Dash and Burn” (Netflix – Narcos)

Description: This ad campaign features various forms of creative advertisement in order to promote the Netflix series “Narcos.” The series premiered in 2015 and wrapped up in 2017. One of the ads takes up the space on the side of a bus stop. It is a thin glass case filled with stacks of fake currency. The message on the glass reads “Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar once burned $2,000,000 to keep his family warm.” The glass looks like it has been broken in to and the fake money looks like it has been slightly burned just to provide more theatrics to the ad.

A second ad used in this campaign involved the bottom of security trays in airports where travelers would place their personal items to be scanned. The ads portrayed the items that Pablo Escobar would have been traveling with as well as the items an FBI agent would be traveling with while pursuing the arrest of Pablo Escobar.

Objectives: Both ads intend to let the audience know that all episodes of Narcos can be streamed on Netflix. They also utilize some eye catching and intriguing works of art to give the viewers an idea of what to expect from the show. The goal is to make viewers curious as to what is going on and to almost make them feel they are a part of the show for a split second. The ads are strategically placed in areas where people are traveling (bus and plane) and may be looking for something to pass the time during their trip.

Target Market: Young adults and adults who may be looking for their next TV show to binge watch or looking for something to help them pass their time when traveling. It is especially geared towards those who enjoy violent filled, drug related drama series.

Desired Actions: Log-in or subscribe to Netflix and watch the original series, Narcos.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of watching this show is that you will be entertained and educated on stories surrounding drug kingpins during the 80s. Also, every show can be streamed on Netflix so you can watch the entire series with no interruptions.


“Delicious Going Down” (Maker’s Mark)

Description: This is a large 3D model of a Marker’s Mark bottle placed above the street level entrance to a local metro system. The bottle is tilted and pouring bourbon down towards the metro. The tagline of the ad reads “Delicious going down.”

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to let viewers know that Maker’s Mark is a smooth tasting bourbon whiskey that they need to try. It also uses some humor by combining their primary message with the analogy of people taking the escalator down to the metro.

Target Market: Adults 21 years and older who enjoy drinking bourbon.

Desired Actions: Go buy Maker’s Mark because it is delicious and smooth tasting.

Value Proposition: This bourbon is enjoyable and won’t burn as back as bad as other brands of bourbon.


(Nationwide Insurance)

Description: At first glance, this appears to be a paint ad as there are pictures of paint buckets on the side of the building. One of the lime green paint buckets is on its side and spilling paint down the side of the building and into the parking lot. The paint even covers a few cars in the lot. Off to the right side of the ad is the Nationwide Insurance logo along with their tagline “life comes at you fast.” The combination of humor and disaster provokes an emotional response on multiple levels.

Objectives: Catch the attention of viewers or those passing by and let them know that accidents happen that are out of your control. Therefore, having insurance can be beneficial and help make a stressful situation a little more bearable.

Target Market: Anyone that owns property (car, home, business, etc.) that could/should be insured.

Desired Actions: Visit and learn more about everything they have to offer including insurance for those times that “life comes at you fast.”

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that Nationwide will be there for you during extreme circumstances such as the one depicted in the ad. Many things in this life happen that we cannot control. Having insurance will make those stressful situations less stressful.


(Formula Toothpaste)

Description: There is a gentleman on a white billboard who is actively pulling the advertisement off of the metal framing with his teeth. In the bottom left corner is a tune of Formula toothpaste and below it reads “builds strong teeth.” This ad also uses humor to catch the attention of the viewer.

Objectives: Show the viewers that Formula toothpaste makes your teeth strong and healthy. It is a refreshing and atypical toothpaste message as most toothpaste ads highlight the pretty smile with pearl white teeth.

Target Market: This ad takes a different approach and caters more to those who don’t care as much about the whiteness of their teeth but more so about the health and strength of their teeth. This is more likely to be directed towards the male consumer, but really it is aimed at anyone who brushes their teeth (which is hopefully everyone).

Desired Actions: Buy Formula toothpaste.

Value Proposition: Formula toothpaste will make your teeth healthy and strong. Strong enough to rip through metal as the ad illustrates.



Description: This is an ad for a rest stop restaurant in Austria. It surrounds the entrance to a tunnel on the highway so that viewers quite literally drive through the ad. It is a woman’s face with her mouth open like she is about to eat something. The open mouth serves as the tunnel entrance and the ad reads “all you can eat rest stop.”

Objectives: Let drivers know that Oldtimer has everything they need while on their journey to their destination. It uses humor, a massive face, and a strategically placed ad to make it impossible for drivers to miss unless they were driving with their eyes closed.

Target Market: Anyone driving on the highway who may need to stop for a snack or meal.

Desired Actions: Stop at Oldtimer and satisfy your hunger while on your trip.

Value Proposition: Oldtimer is an all you can eat rest stop made to help you satisfy your hunger while on the road.

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